Commercial Photovoltaic Systems

Commercial photovoltaic systemsPhotovoltaic systems have recently gained strong popularity because of lowered equipment costs coupled with ever increasing electric rates. New Jersey business owners can enjoy generous financial incentives to install PV, and escape dependence on standard energy sources that pollute the environment.

PV is an electrical system which is hard-wired to your electric circuit breaker box. The core of a PV panel uses silica wafers which when exposed to sunlight generates direct current (DC) electricity. The more solar modules a PV system has, the more electricity can be generated. DC electricity is then “inverted” into alternating current (AC), which is safe for household use and can reduce or even eliminate your electric bill.

Grid-tied PV systemsGrid-tied PV systems are the most common for business use. These utilize special inverters to allow electricity to flow safely back into the electric grid, funneling electricity back to the utility company. Grid-tied PV systems often have battery back-up capability that stores energy as well. Grid-tied PV systems are the most cost effective way to generate your own "green" renewable energy from the roof of your business without the danger of running short on power!

Commercial PV systemsWith a grid tied system, the electric meter will spin backwards as power is fed back to the company during times of peak solar power. If you are fortunate to have enough bright sunny days, you may even have enough credit from the electric company to carry you through the nights and sunless days. Since your system will feed power back to the utility company during peak usage hours, you will be credited at a high rate; any usage of the company’s electricity at night will normally be at lower off-peak rates.

In addition to these savings, Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC’s) can be accumulated and sold to investors or energy companies. The solar power generated is registered at a state website, and when it reaches one MW (mega watt) a certificate, or ’green tag’ is issued. Utility companies are now required to get a certain amount of their energy from renewable sources, and can satisfy part of that requirement by buying these certificates. Currently, a green tag in New Jersey is trading for around $600.

PV systems for businessMany business owners also install a solar hot water system in addition to a PV system, allowing the PV system to satisfy a higher proportion of their electric demand with clean, green energy. This makes a PV system even more cost-effective. Arosa Solar has specially trained technicians who can help you figure out how fast your system can pay for itself in massive energy savings!

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Did you know SREC's (Green Tags) are trading in excess of $600?