Solar Residential Systems

Solar Lighting

Solar Lighting Solar tube lighting can be a great money saver, bringing natural lighting into your home or business. Installed lights range from approximately $350 to $600, but will pay for themselves over time as you save on electricity and standard light bulb costs. High grade aluminum seamless construction provides a highly reflective light pipe, which can be up to 18-20 feet long.

The diameter of the tube determines the coverage area - a 10 inch solar light will cover up to 150 sq feet, and provide the equivalent of up to 300 watts. Upgrade to a 13 inch tube, and the coverage doubles to 300 sq feet, with the comparison kicking up to 500 watts. A 21 inch light covers 700 sq feet and delivers up to impressive 1450 watts.

By providing natural sunlight, solar tube lights can improve your health and mindset as well as having zero impact on the environment. Studies even have shown that children test between 15-26% higher when they study in classrooms equipped with ‘daylighting’. Solar light is the natural alternative to standard lighting methods.


Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans decrease the cooling load on your air conditioner, increase fresh air circulation and extend the life of your roof. They work only when the sun is out and you need extra cooling of those stifling attic spaces. Installed cost ranges between $475 to $600, and most fans pay for themselves in just a few years.

Solar Attic Fan

Two fan options are generally available with adjustable solar panels. The 10 watt ventilates 1200 sq feet and the 20 watt covers 1800 sq feet. The environmental benefits are many, with reduced energy needs and lengthened lifetime of most roofs.



Heatsavr™ is made of simple biodegradable ingredients that form an effective "liquid pool blanket", greatly reducing heat loss and evaporation from your exposed pool surface. It provides a barrier to slow the heat and water loss that causes high pool room humidity, as well as reducing heating bills.  The cost savings vary according to the hours of swimmer use per day, ventilation efficiency, region and type of fuel normally used to heat the pool.

Heatsavr swimming pool heating Heatsavr pool heating

Heatsavr™ is environmentally friendly, takes mere seconds per day to apply, and won’t corrode pipes or filters. The treated water is completely safe to swim in. Automatic injection can be installed to ensure the pool is always protected. Savings normally run between 17% and 30%.

Please click here to read the Heatsavr brochure.

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